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Re: User is not in the sudoers file

On Mon, May 08, 2023 at 11:26:48AM -0400, Dan Purgert wrote:
> On May 08, 2023, Igor Korot wrote:
> > Hi, ALL,
> > Is there a reason for the default install
> > I immediately get the error in the subj?
> You likely created a root account during the initial setup.  Doing that
> skips over adding the first user (created during install) to sudoers
> (i.e. "the operator created root, the operator will 'su root' when they
> want to be root").
> As I recall, the installer asks if you want to create root, or use sudo.

Nitpick: root is always there. The question is whether it is
given a password at installation or not.


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