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Re: I installed 11.6

On 5/5/23 20:27, Maureen L Thomas wrote:
I installed debian 11.6 and updated the needed packages to 11.7. I must say that I hate upgrading because they change everything and I cannot find the utilities I need to make this the way I want it.  Does anyone know which utility changes the window settings. Like the X in the upper right hand corner.  I want all three items including the - and the box.

Thank you guys for all your help.

I am glad that you were able to install Debian. You should now have a working computer. I assume that you are now configuring the operating system, desktop, applications, etc., and restoring your data.

Once you reach stability, it would be good to take an image of the OS drive. If and when you suffer another disaster, restoring an image is much faster and more reliable than installing, configuring, and restoring from scratch. Clonezilla is the obvious choice:


While drag-and-drop to a USB HDD is the KISS backup method, there is a fundamental issue: what happens the next time you backup? If you overwrite/delete the previous backup set, then you only have one backup of each file. If you make another complete backup set, then you fill up your backup media quickly. There are more efficient backup solutions available. You should pick one and implement it:


Burning data to optical media (archiving) with Brasero is still a good idea. Over time, the media containing your images and backups (e.g. USB HDD) will fill up and you will need to delete older images and backups to make room for new images and backups. Archives are how you keep data indefinitely.

Finally, get another USB HDD. Keep one connected to your computer, keep one off-site, and rotate them periodically. When one fails, you will still have images and backups.


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