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Re: Email bodies not show anymore in Evolution Email

Le 04/05/2023 à 09:54, Christoph Pleger a écrit :

suddenly, I have the problem in Evolution Email, that email bodies are not shown anymore, but only the headers.
This affects my private email account as well as my email account for work. Maybe I have changed some setting,
but I cannot remember to have done that.

Any idea?


I have had just the same problem. I think it is caused by the last security upgrade by unattended-upgrades of these packages:

in the unattended-upgrades mail that informed me of the upgrade, needrestart-session added that:

User sessions running outdated binaries:
didier @ user manager service: bwrap[2629], evolution[2417], gnome-session=
-b[2185], systemd[1956]
Log ended: 2023-05-04  09:35:34

So I restarted my gdm session (and thus Evolution)
And since then, Evolution does not show email bodies

It seems to me to be a regression bug likely caused by the upgrade of one the four packages above (I have done a dpkg-reconfigure of them, without success)

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