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Re: EPSON ET M 1120 new printer: If You can read this, you are using the wrong driver


Greg Wooledge wrote:
> > > If you still have issues with your printer, I strongly advise you to ask
> > > on the German mailing list,

Thomas Hochstein wrote:
> > They started on the German mailing list, about a year ago ...

Schwibinger Michael / Sophie wrote:
> The Germans did send You to this list.

No. The Germans did send You to this list.

(I could not resist biting the obvious comedy bait and did not even
check whether there was really the advise to mail to debian-user.)

> Was this wrong?

Maybe they wanted to let the world participate in the experience of a
"Hurz!" performance.

Regrettably there is no english version of
So i try to translate the first sentences:

  Hurz! is a tv prank by Hape Kerkeling and Achim Hagemann, which belongs
  to the best known works of Kerkeling. [...] aired in 1991 [...]
  Kerkeling and Hagemann pretend to be polish musicians who [...] present
  the unaware audience an alleged excerpt from an opera by a fictive
  contemporary classic composer. Although the text is comprised of short
  nonsense passages which get multiple times interrupted by the outcry
  "Hoorts!", parts of the audience try hard to find a sincere
  interpretation during the subsequent discussion.

About half of the audience of the thread "Debian bootet nicht / Screenshot"
makes mocking comments about the overall Sophie show. The other half is
quarreling over the question whether Hanlon's Razor cuts correctly in this
i see 100% non-Hanlon opinions including a "sudo rm -R /" assassination

Have a nice day :)


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