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Re: No fool like an old fool (debian installation probs)

Am 01.05.2023 um 19:46 schrieb David Christensen:
> Reading the above plus your previous post "Looking for
> inspiration/advice/best practices on system upgrade", it seems that you
> are making things too complicated.
> I would pick one machine, disable/ disconnect/ uninstall all of the
> drives except optical, install a zeroed 2.5" SATA SSD, make a decision
> regarding BIOS/MBR (legacy) vs. UEFI/GPT, run the Setup utility and
> configure CMOS/NVRAM settings accordingly, boot the Debian installer,
> pick "Install", partition the SSD manually with a 1 GB ESP (if doing
> EUFI/GPT), a 1 GB boot partition (ext4), 1 GB or larger swap partition,
> and a 12 GB root partition (ext4), at the "Choose software" page select
> "SSH server", select "standard system utilities", and deselect
> everything else.  After reboot, you should have a working Debian instance.

I am sorry, i do not really understand, what you want to point to.
Your suggestions are coming without even knowing, what my needs and
options are, and involve alternatives that look unnecessary in my view.

Just to give you an idea: my OS partitions are 20 GB and that seems to
be a little too small, i had to delete stuff in order to keep the
systems in good shape.
I did abandon MBR years ago, and look with some bemusement at the many
places, whare that old technology still lingers.
Physical un-/plugging at the machines always involves getting external
help, due to a handicap.
Maybe your feeling is correct and i am in fact complicating things, i
don't know. OTOH, i am dealing with 2 dozen disks, server grade HW,
DUAL-CPU EPYC, 128 GB ECC RAM, nvme-ssd, aso.
My understanding is, that precautions are in order to keep the system(s)
up and running and useable for someoone, who is bad at typing.

I have installed many debian VM's before, all of them with a desktop,
and many of them are in use while i am investigating, how to
replace/upgrade the host OS. Do you get the idea?

But thanks for voicing your concerns, somthing i am trying to understand
and consider. Just keep in mind, that if a problem arises, i might not
be able too deal with, i will be cut off from everything, no paper based
calendar even exists. So i am careful.


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