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Re: repeat of previous question that has gone unanswered severaltimes.

On Mon, May 1, 2023 at 9:40 AM gene heskett <gheskett@shentel.net> wrote:
>  [...]
> >    lpinfo -v
> gene@bpi51:~$ lpinfo -v
> -bash: lpinfo: command not found
> gene@bpi51:~$ sudo apt install lpinfo
> Reading package lists... Done
> Building dependency tree... Done
> Reading state information... Done
> E: Unable to locate package lpinfo

$ apt-cache search lpinfo
$ dpkg -S lpinfo
cups-client: /usr/share/man/de/man8/lpinfo.8.gz
cups-client: /usr/share/man/man8/lpinfo.8.gz
cups-server-common: /usr/share/cups/doc-root/help/man-lpinfo.html
cups-client: /usr/sbin/lpinfo
cups-client: /usr/share/man/fr/man8/lpinfo.8.gz

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