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Re: EPSON ET M 1120 new printer: If You can read this, you are using the wrong driver

On 5/1/23 08:36, Thomas Hochstein wrote:
Greg Wooledge wrote:

If you still have issues with your printer, I strongly advise you to ask
on the German mailing list, or whichever mailing list speaks your primary
language.  I don't think anyone on this list is interested in continuing
to offer help to you.

They started on the German mailing list, about a year ago ...

The last epson I had that worked with linux was a 4 color C82, well over a decade ago. Then it looks as if they started making windows only printers because all the normal printer stuff was moved from the driver in the printer and put into the windows driver, leaving only the ability to put a drop of the chosen color at the chosen xy spot on the paper in the printer. That and the constant battle to keep the nozzle unclogged got tiresome and limited the last printer I bought to about 2 months life. So that was replaced by a Brother color laser, which worked well for around 4 years, then slowly lost its corona wire voltage, an easy enough to diagnose problem for me as I am a CET, but brother refused to sell me a board despite the fact that I am a CET, fully capable of handling that high voltage item. So I brought home their biggest inkjet. That was about 8 years ago, and it is still pumping out full color images on paper up to tabloid size. A huge device, its also a scanner for 11x17 tabloid. I also have a much faster HLL2320dw a B&W laser that does duplex on copy paper at 19 pages a minute. And running on linux, using the drivers they supply, both run to their full capabilities.

Obviously I am now a Brother fan and I believe in supporting the makers who support us. Glaringly obvious in my previous post. But apparently this person doesn't want to admit a mistake was made, and the only way to solve it is to run an all windows house at much more cost than buying another printer that is supported would be. Brother's consumables cost less per page than epson so you get the difference back over time and reams of paper.

This may be a duplicate of what wallmart had for sale at $31.95 3 or 4 years ago, and which I saw the epson label and drove the cart right on by.

Cheers, Gene Heskett.
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