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Re: Evolution email (problem?) (IMAP, Gmail, email compacting)

On Sun, 2023-04-30 at 18:24 -0400, Default User wrote:
> It does occur to me that Evolution may use the maildir format rather
> than the mbox format.  I just ASSumed that it used mbox, since in Menu
> > File, there is an option to save messages in mbox format.  If
> Evolution uses the maildir format, compacting apparently does not
> apply, which would seem to explain it.  I have not yet determined
> whether Evolution uses mbox or maildir.  

I thought we were talking about IMAP protocol access to Google? In
which case Evolution isn't storing email in any format [1], it's
accessing it on a remote server. Evolution does have an 'On This
Computer' email account, don't know what format it uses for that. In
Evolution you can also create email accounts where email is stored
locally in maildir or mbox format. I used maildir some years ago to
have an email archive of some mailing lists. 

[1] Well, Evolution does cache email in ~/.cache/evolution/mail
which seems to involve SQLite database and a file for each email. If
you want to free that space you can just 'rm -rf ~/.cache/evolution'
but I guess if you have 'download for offline use' configured or
actually look at the remote email folders again it will re-download


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