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Can not pre-configure KDE Plasma bottom panel nor Dolphin with Kiosk

Hi list,

I am trying to configure some default settings to be able to deploy KDE. I am doing my tests with Debian “hopefully-soon-stable” 12 (Plasma 5.27.2). I follow the kiosk mode documentation [1], and it works properly for some settings (night color, baloo search, power management, Discover).

However, I have very strange results when trying to configure the bottom panel:

- From a new user with default settings, I customized the panel manually (changing some applications shortcuts, disabling clipboard) - Using `fswatch`, I could determine that the relevant configuration file is `~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc` - If I copy this file to `/etc/xdg/`, my settings are not applied to new users (while it works for other files like `kscreenlockerrc`) - As a workaround, if I copy this file to `/etc/skel/.config/`, settings are applied to new users BUT the panel gets a height of 30 instead of 44 (the default).

Also, a somewhat similar issue is for configuring Dolphin (toolbar, left panel, right panel, detailed view by default):

- I found that the relevant files is `~/.local/share/kxmlgui5/dolphin/dolphinui.rc` (strangely `/etc/dolphinrc` does not seem to contain the settings I am interested in) - If I copy this file to `/etc/xdg/dolphinui.rc`, my settings are not applied for new users - After copying this file to `/etc/skel/.local/share/kxmlgui5/dolphin/dolphinui.rc`, settings are indeed applied to new users except “overview in right panel” and “detailed view by default”

What am I doing wrong? I suppose I missed something from the documentation, but could not find what. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


1. https://develop.kde.org/docs/administration/kiosk/introduction/

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