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Re: why pdf file at archive.org is so slow to open

On Tue 13 Jul 2021 at 20:13:30 (+0800), loushanguan2015@sina.com wrote:
> riveravaldez wrote:
> Another excellent option (specially for old machines) is zathura,available in the official repositories, IIRC.

> i've just installed zathura, it doesn't have Continuous mode as opposed to Single Page modeand it  lacks gui components, you have to read manual to use iti'm not satisfied with it, Thanks anyway!

I installed zathura specifically for Continuous mode. It sounds as if
you're running in Presentation mode.

The current version of Xpdf has a memory leak (on page changes) that
eventually overwhelms swap, and this seems to be provoked particularly
when in Continuos mode. So I have zathura set up as an alternative in
mc for viewing large PDFs.

Just for the record, the key bindings are very configurable, and it
honours synctex. (You can click between the PDF and the corresponding
place in the source.) As someone who runs xpdf almost entirely through
keystrokes, it makes a very good alternative.


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