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Re: Thanks for help!

On 7/11/21 9:18 PM, Gunnar Gervin wrote:
> How repaired hdd in old osx 8.6 mac i386.
> A live usb with debian 10.9 buster did it asked to change from Bios boot
> to Uefi boot & reinstalled hdd. Laptop works. So now can put distro in
> usb, & try which debian based distro works best on Mac osx 10.13.6. MX,
> PsychOS, Manjaro, Debian?
> I liked the software setup in Psychos; many writing tools in it.
> Gunnar

Hi Gunnar,

what is the hardware you want to use with GNU/Linux?

At the beginning you mentioned macOS 8.6 and after that macOS 10.13.6 ???

What do you want to do with GNU/Linux? You mentioned writing software
but what does this mean - software for writers like LibreOffice or
anything else?

if you are looking for high quality software then I would recommend
Debian, Ubuntu LTS releases or something based on them. Rolling release
distributions often are low quality software - they usually have more bugs.

Kind regards

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