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Re: Grub Rescue

Gunnar Gervin <dofeelok@gmail.com> writes:

> Will try Bash command in Grub rescue>
> 1. Set up as root and get # instead of $
>     (but how? I did it once but forgot how exactly)
> 2. ls
> 3. set root=(hdo,gpt1)
> 4. insmod normal
> 5. normal
> Now, please:
> Will someone tell me:
> 1. How to set up as root in Grub Rescue,
> 2. if the above procedure will work in Rescue

There isn't a root user in grub. The root command "set root=(hdo,gpt1)"
is telling it which file system will be the root file system when the OS
is booted. There is where it will look for the kernel when you issue the
linux and initrd commands. (It's not bash either afaik).

I am assuming you are using grub2 because of the syntax.

What are you trying to do?

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