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Re: badblocks

On 07.07.2021 21:19, mick crane wrote:
I got a cheap SATA to USB external adaptor and used it to look at a 500Gb drive from redundant PC that I'd already got what I wanted from.
Bullseye Xfce tried to auto mount it but baulked over one directory.
I mounted partition OK in terminal emulator.
Ran badblocks on partition which reported
"488251288 bad blocks found"
which seems excessive.
Might I think that there is something amiss with the USB/SATA adapter thing ?

It certainly could be. SATA-to-USB adapters are not made the same and their functionality depends on microcontroller IC they based on.
Some of these adapters can interrogate the drive and get SMART data, some of them can't.
Now there is also a possibility, if the bad block(-s) was actually found during the scan, HDD firmware could fall into "retry/error" loop trying to recover, constantly reporting failed state to a host system, which could be interpreted\translated by HDD-to-USB adapter as operation failure for each sector requested by badblock utility.

With kindest regards, Alexander.

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