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Re: 2 NIC's

On 2021-07-05 11:44, David wrote:
Dear All,

I am trying to get a thin client running with 2 NIC's and failing.

Due to the age of the thin client I am running Debian 8 i386.

I am trying to get the thin client to run as a proxy server with one
NIC having a local (192.168.xx.xx) address, the other NIC has a public
IP address (80.184.XX.XX).

I've got /etc/network/interfaces configured with the 2 addresses on
eth0 & eth1

If eth0 & eth1 are both connected to the local network I can SSH into
the thin client. If I connect eth1 to the public network I cannot SSH
into the unit, from either addresses.

I have another thin client running a proxy server, but the first NIC is
the built in unit, the other is a USB NIC adapter, the NIC's are called
eth0 & enx00e04c534458. This is enx+MAC address.

I've tried adding routing information to the /etc/network/interfaces
file and adding the MAC addressees as hwaddress ether 00:15:e9:4a:c8:81

Can anybody help me?

daft question but are the NICs the ones you think they are ?
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