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Re: why pdf file at archive.org is so slow to open


>  Install Okular, with supporting packages.
Good advice.
> Why use Adobe products.
Good question !
> If you install Lightbeam, you will find they connect directly with the
> CIA.
You just lost all type of credibility right now.
Don't take your dream for reality. If this would be true then they
woudln't be dumb enough to make this traceable to the open.
You just blew up all you said earlier and made a fool of yourself.
Not that spyware don't exist or that the CIA don't spy on people but
that you say things out of context, without any fact to support them and
presented like a undeniable fact.
Yes and election we're stolen too...

The greatest menace to democracy is human dumbness as those get easy to
drive thru the use of custom chosen publicity driven by artificial
People who have basic knowledge of information and fact validation, plus
the ability to distinguish between rumors and bias don't fall for AI
based manipulation.

You had a good message but blew it up by not keeping those two lip together.
> Adobe is spyware as far as I'm concerned.
Can be true but not in the sense you wrote earlier.
> Cheers!
> Harry.

Polyna-Maude R.-Summerside
-Be smart, Be wise, Support opensource development

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