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Re: make custom kernel

On 2021-07-04 06:22, mlnl wrote:
Hi Mick,

mick crane <mick.crane@gmail.com> wrote:

I've done it before but I've forgotten and the order.
What's the procedure for making a custom kernel?

Do you mean a custom Debian or a vanilla kernel from kernel.org?
For a Debian kernel you can look at

For a vanilla kernel, i use the following steps:
1. download the kernel source archive of your choice
2. extract the xz archive with unxz
3. verify the tar archive with gpg
4. untar the tar archive
5. cd linux-version
6. make mrproper
(6b) copy old config as linux-version/.config and/or certs in
linux-version/certs for modules signing
8. make menuconfig (you need some packages, libncurses etc.)
9. export CONCURRENCY_LEVEL="$(grep -c '^processor' /proc/cpuinfo)"
10. make deb-pkg LOCALVERSION=-nameN KDEB_PKGVERSION=$(make
kernelversion)-1 (nameN e. g. v1)
11. sudo dpkg -i kernel-packages (-headers, -image, -libc-dev)

thank you very much. Can I somehow load the current configuration so menuconfig shows what choices were made for current kernel ?

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