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Re: Font color selection in MATE terminal

Siard <shiems@mailbox.org> writes:

> On Thu, 1 Jul 2021 22:37 -0700, Marc Shapiro wrote:
>> On 6/22/21 9:23 AM, Siard wrote:
>> > In the MATE Terminal settings (Edit > Profile Preferences),
>> > tab 'Colors', under 'Palette', set 'Built-in schemes' to 'Custom'
>> > and change every color in the color palette to black.
>> >
>> > Here is a screenshot:
>> > https://i.postimg.cc/2yv17y3Y/mateterminalcolors.png
>> Why select 'Custom'?
>> Richard needs black on white, so he should select 'Black on white'.
>> It works for me.  I have been using 'Custom', Yellow on Black, like
>> my first monitor many years ago.  But selecting 'Black on white'
>> gives exactly that.
> Yes, but it did not work for Richard, and as 'Custom' worked for me,
> I came with this solution.
> Later, it turned out that it was caused by a glitch in MATE Terminal
> 1.16.3, used in Debian 9.  Later versions worked fine.
> So 'Black on white' is indeed the most obvious way.

Strangely, I am using MATE terminal 1.20 and now it is not working. I
have a profile called Black and White. I change the colour profile
preferences to the black and white scheme, but when I launch emacs -nw,
it displays blue underlined text in places. And when I go back and look
at the colour preferences in MATE it has gone back to custom.

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