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Re: X server running on a different machine [Re: Wanted: a special purpose Debian installer] - continue


> ....
> And there's most people on earth who don't give a minute thinking about
> this.
> Ask any business manager, he doesn't give much interest in his computer
> installation, as long one thing goes, what is it ? That the system
> permit core operation for the company and profit continue to get in.
> That's it, don't care on all the "how, why, etc".
> There's a rule that say "Don't change a great team". And it also apply
> to computer science. So if your actual partition scheme work for you,
> even if it's outdated, continue on.
> Unless all your life revolve around computer and what goes with them.
> But sorry ! Not everyone is so much interested in getting married with
> silicon.

I give a example, they guy who asked about a problem with MATE desktop
that he runs from under Windows.

But that we start trying to tell him that he shall change it because
using Windows Subsystem for Linux (or whatever the name, running Linux
under Windows) is not "the best way".

Sorry, he didn't ask anything regarding to this.

And I was the only one who gave him some clue of where he could find
answer about why can he run Synaptic with sudo but no by clicking on it.
I told him where he could find logs and how to trace such launch.

Maybe for a geek mind it seem trivial that WSL is not a good solution.
But if this guy did a master degree in Chemistry, I'm more than
convinced that he evaluated the situation in a more than proper way. Did
someone forget that when you touch higher education, what you mostly
learn is how to evaluate system, context, situation, knowledge, data...
You become a specialist in analysis, whatever branch you did.

I don't know how many of the ones who answered him took a minute to
think about this one or how many got close to a post graduate diploma.

> And even some people who do receive this mailing list may have
> absolutely no interest in getting married with silicon.
This was the guy above's case. He got married with Chemistry but has the
need for the computer as a tool for analysis.

> This seem to be a huge problem that gets over all the time, as soon you
> get a group of people who have strong interest in technology. The fact
> that their need may be pretty far from most other people need seem to
> vanishes and be out of reach for a bit of thinking.

Some people may be very knowledgeable on computer but don't care much on
everything that revolve around computer. They learned a programming
language for some work in a master degree in Chemistry, Physics, Natural
Science, Liberal arts and more. Like I did, I learned programming so I
could develop algorithm used to analysis context of word usage and
relate them to language ability of people.

And I'd be more than happy to share knowledge with others, contribute to
project or such. But I abstain from doing so for one reason...

The mentality that goes on when you pack a group of computer programmer
together. And don't ask them to admit that even the big computer tech
don't care about latest technology, standard and good way.

But they all say the opposite when you listen because they complain of
the bugs in closed source program ;-) And seem to also get it pretty
right that profit is the main motto for Apple, IBM, Oracle and others...
So yes a business manager is driven only by one thing profit.

And computer have only one use, other than gaming, that is to assist us
in making some process easier, better for us.

Unless you choose to get married to silicon and make your life revolving
around all that has to do with the best, the latest, what is considered
good and what's evil-outdated.

But by being so close minded and stubborn we loose people on this way
and we can't teach those to keep their computer safe, one step at a time.

Thanks for all the Debian contributor, developers, mentor and more.

With a bunch of love,

Polyna-Maude R.-Summerside
-Be smart, Be wise, Support opensource development

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