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Re: Compared with debian 10.7, debian 10.8 (with realtime kernel) cyclictest test max latency has increased significantly

On 2/7/21 6:22 PM, Hongbo Li wrote:
hi!My machine used to run debian 10.7 with realtime kernel (linux-img-rt-amd64),everything is ok.  A four hours cyclictest test has a result with max latency 8 microseconds. Yesterday I upgraded my machine to debian 10.8, 
please read about Debian Point Releases ... https://wiki.debian.org/DebianReleases/PointReleases
and the version of kernel did not change ( 4.19.0-14-rt-amd64), but a new cyclictest test see a significantly increased max latency with 40 microseconds. I don't know why, please help me.
someone else might be able to explain cyclictest testing

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