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debian-user list info and guidelines (FAQ) - posted monthly

debian-user is a mailing list provided for support for Debian users,
and to facilitate discussion on relevant topics. 

Some guidelines which may help explain how the list works:

* The language on this mailing list is English. There may be other mailing 
  lists that are language-specific for example debian-user-french 

* It is common for users to be redirected here from other lists - for example,
  from debian-project. It is also common for people to be posting here when 
  English is not their primary language. Please be considerate.

* The list is a Debian communication forum. As such, it is subject to both 
  the Debian mailing list Code of Conduct and the main Debian Code of Conduct


* This is a fairly busy mailing list and you may have to wait for an
    answer - please be patient. Please post answers back to the list so
    others can benefit; private conversations don't benefit people who
    may be following along on the list or reading the archives later.

* Help and advice on this list is provided by volunteers in their own time.
  It is common for there to be different opinions or answers provided.

 * Please try to stay on topic. Arguments for the sake of it are not
   welcome here. Partisan political / religious / cultural arguments
   do not belong here either. Debian's community is world wide; don't
   assume others will agree with your views or need to read them on a
   Debian list.


Complaints about inappropriate behaviour should be referred to the
Debian Community Team <community@debian.org>.

Inappropriate behaviour on the list may lead to warnings; repeated bad
behaviour may lead to temporary or permanent bans for offenders.

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