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Re: Slow firefox and high cpu usage

Hi all

My reply concerns this link:

I could solve the problem for me (debian & Firefox) as follow:

1.  Firefox-Settings

Edit -> Preferences -> General -> Performance
- Disable «Use recommended performance settings»
- Disable «Use hardware acceleration when available»
- Nevertheless, set «Content process limit» to 1

1.2.  Additional settings regarding CPU performance in FF
about:config -> «webgl.disabled» to true
about:config -> «browser.tabs.remote.autostart» to false
about:config -> «browser.sessionstore.interval» ... 15000 (15") to 3000000 (50')
about:config -> «browser.cache.disk.smart_size.enabled» to false
about:config -> «browser.cache.disk.capacity» (KB) ... 1048576 (1 GB) to 65536 (64 MB)
about:config -> «browser.cache.cache_isolation» to true
about:config -> «browser.cache.disk.enable» to false

2.  Intel package, in case of Intel processor
Install deb package «intel-microcode»

Could you please announce this info? But please don't announce my email.

Thanks, Steffen
Best regards / Mit besten Grüßen


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