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Re: problem with wget -O

On Mon, Jan 25, 2021 at 05:38:04PM -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:


> > > posted at least once today:
> > > gene@coyote:~/src/build$ cd .. && wget -O opencv.zip
> > > https://github.com/opencv/opencv/archive/master.zip Cannot specify
> > > both -k or --convert-file-only and -O if multiple URLs are given, or
> > > in combination with -p or -r. See the manual for details.
> > >
> > > Usage: wget [OPTION]... [URL]...
> > >
> > > But the man page says it's legal.


> however I also have in my home dir, a .wgetrc, containing:

Ahhh, and here they are...

> no_parent = on
> follow_ftp = on
> recursive = on
  ...the "recursive", aka "-r"...

> reclevel = 20
> convert_links = on
  ...and the "--convert-links" aka "-k" options...

which conflict with your "-O" given on the command line. This was
pretty sly, to hide all that from us. You thought the dot in front
of the file would dupe us? ;-)

Now more seriously: try again, putting aside your .wgetrc. Or see
whether wget's man page offers an option to temporarily ignore
.wgetrc. And thank Greg (I hope I'm not mis-assigning) for mentioning
/etc/wgetrc and .wgetrc!

Side note: please don't mix your wget problems with your other build
problems. This is coufusing the hell of us all. And you don't want
to get help from confused people, do you?

To the build process itself, I just ventured a look to the Debian
package page [1] and some around. Oh boy. A package with > 20
dependencies, with a CMake build infrastructure and all that.

You are into something. Not that I am discouraging you to do it,
on the contrary. This is free software, and that's the gist of it,
after all.

But prepare yourself for a long journey. If I were you, I'd download
the Debian source package and build that, just to see how a successful
build looks like: the Debian infra will take care of installing the
build dependencies and all that.

Once that succeeds you will have more chops to tackle the big beast.

Good luck (and no, I can't help with monster C++/CMake projects).

 - tomás

> Cheers, Gene Heskett
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>  soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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