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Re: installing debian 10 without a cd and without usb but could use ethernet

On Thu 21 Jan 2021 at 23:22:32 +0000, Brian wrote:

>     menuentry 'Debian 10' {
>     linux (hdX,msdosY)/boot/vmlinuz
>     initrd (hdX,msdosY)/boot/initrd.gz
>     }
> or use a "search" line.

The latter might br easiest for you.

Put linux, initrd.gz and the ISO file in /boot on the Linux Mint
partition. Get the UUID of this partition (YOUR_UUID) from

  lsblk -o +UUID


     search --no-floppy --UUID --set=root YOUR_UUID
     menuentry 'Debian 10' {
     linux /boot/vmlinuz
     initrd /boot/initrd.gz


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