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Re: new harddrive degraded speed

On 2021-01-20 07:26 PM, Dan Ritter wrote:
brainfart@posteo.net wrote:

6tb drive at 3.0 gbs
 root@hc4:~# hdparm -t /dev/sda

 Timing buffered disk reads: 406 MB in  3.01 seconds = 134.83 MB/sec

2tb drive at 6.0 gbs
root@hc4:~# hdparm -t /dev/sdb

 Timing buffered disk reads: 436 MB in  3.00 seconds = 145.27 MB/sec

Both of these are substantially under 3Gb/s. The fact is, not
only do different spinning disks read and write data at
different rates, the rates change across the same disk.

For what it's worth, the WD Red 6TB disk you've got is a
notoriously slow drive, for a CMR. It has a fairly high latency
and runs at 5700RPM. It's entirely likely that your 2TB disk is
actually faster.

You're not likely to notice the 10MB/s difference in actual
usage, though. It will be dominated by seek times for
interactive usage, and humans are bad at paying attention to
longer times without a clock in front of them.


it's just curiosity
i haven't perused kernel code in many years
being retired i guess i have the time to scratch an itch :)

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