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Re: Add a hard drive to existing system??

On Du, 17 ian 21, 17:44:28, Jerry Mellon wrote:
> Hi,
> The Asus that I have is G75V series. It has 2 hdd bays onboard. The
> 500mv is the drive that is current installed and Debian 10.7 is
> installed. I have purchased another 2T Segate drive that will go into
> the empty bay.
> I don't want to do anything fancy, just install and update fstat. The
> question is what do I do in fstat to set it up. Currently the fstab file
> reads as follows.

1. Install GParted

2. Install the new drive

3. Open GParted and partition the new drive as you choose

   Be very careful to select the correct drive, it should be the large 
   empty one ;)

   Make sure you set a label for every (new) partition, e.g. depending 
   on what you intend to store on that partition. Labels should be 
   unique among all your partitions, choose carefully.

4. Add the new partition(s) to fstab with something like

    LABEL=big-downloads   /media/big-dl   ext4   defaults   0    1

5. mkdir /media/big-stuff

6. Test with 'mount /media/big-dl'

7. Reboot and check the new partition(s) are where you expect them to be

8. Enjoy!

Kind regards,

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