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Re: Add a hard drive to existing system??

Jerry Mellon <jfmellon@netscape.net> writes:

>New to Debian, but have gotten Debian 10.7 loaded on to my system. I
>have an ASUS gaming laptop(dont use it for gaming) with 12gb of memory
>and intel corei7 and a 500gb hard drive.
>My question is what is the best(use dummy for linus statements please)
>way to add a second hard drive with 2T of space. I wiil use this to
>store photos and documents etc.

A possible alternative is to see if your router supports storage, and if
not consider an upgrade.  Many modern routers support an attached disk
and provide network storage. Of course a major advantage of this is that
you will be able to carry the laptop around and maintain access to the
storage. An issue is that the storage will probably be Windows
formatted, and thus you will have to deal with incompatible meta
data. And you will have to configure debian access to a windows share.
To be honest, I've never tried this.  My linux sever is the NAS and
windows machines access it.

I think creating a linux nas may be too much for you, at least for now. 

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