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Re: ssh access with all ports close.

On 2020-12-09 16:33, latincom@vcn.bc.ca wrote:
I had a Buster server at home, but the owner of the house close all ports
in the router, i can not access it anymore; i rented a server without root
access, and transfer the server.

There are many vendors who can rent a Debian virtual private server (VPS) to you with root access. I use Linode:


I am not able to access my server at home using ssh,

I assume you mean "when connected to the Internet at a remote location, I cannot access my home server using SSH".

If all ports on the home router have been closed, then the router is working correctly and that is why you cannot connect.

The solution is to carefully configure sshd on your home server, open TCP port 22 in the router, and have the router forward TCP port 22 to your home server.

but i can see in logs, that someone can access my home server!

I assume you mean "when accessing my home server via the console or via SSH and the home network (LAN), I see in my home server logs that someone has accessed my home server via SSH".

Please post the Debian and kernel versions of your home server -- e.g.:

$ cat /etc/debian_version ; uname -a

Please post your username on your home server -- e.g.:

$ whoami

Please post the relevant log entries.

How can these people access my home server? I am curios! Does somebody know how?

If all ports on the home router have been closed, then people can access your home server via the home network (LAN).

Please post the sshd configuration file -- e.g.:

$ egrep '^[^#]' /etc/ssh/sshd_config


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