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Re: running microsoft team on debian 10.3

Hello everybody out there!

On 2020/12/09 at 04:37 am, Dan Hitt wrote:
> Does anybody have any experience using Microsoft Team on debian, and is
> there anything i need to be cautious about (of course apart from running
> software from a giant software company)?

	Well, considering the pandemic, as many others, I had to test several
solutions for distant collaborating. Well, actually, we are accustomed
to doing this in free software and open source, so using Git, NextCloud
or OwnCloud, mailing lists and Jitsi, you can very efficiently
collaborate with distant collaborators.

	Now, very often institutions do not consider free software nor open
source and without testing these options, run for proprietary solutions.
I had to test Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Zoom works quite well, is
expensive and everything runs on own Zoom servers—which I consider being
a problem.

	Microsoft Teams do runs on Linux, except for screen sharing—you will
not be able to share your screen, even using the web application. Except
for that, you will not have more troubles than other users, but I have
seen people using Microsoft Windows and macOS having trouble to connect
with Microsoft Teams …

	Now, comparing Jitsi, Zoom, Discord and Microsoft Teams, my experience
is Microsoft Teams is the worst of those solutions. In my experience,
Zoom and Jitsi are the two best, from a user perspective and not
considering the problem of proprietary software, the experience is the
same with Jitsi and Zoom. Zoom has some options to create sub
rooms—sorry, I cannot find the proper English word—, to do so with Jitsi
you need to create several meeting rooms, which is a bit less efficient,
but in my experience it is not a problem. With Jitsi, you can use your
own server or servers from Jitsi.org.

> Any advice about the web cam or mic?

	I use a webcam from Logitech with embedded microphone and it works very

	Best regards.

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