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Re: Where to report: root fails to edit other users file in sticky bit directory

On Tue, Dec 08, 2020 at 05:09:09PM +0100, MichaIng wrote:


> >>dash: 1: cannot create testfile: Permission denied
> >
> >Oh, I see. Strange error message though -- I'd expect dash to
> >try to open the file in append mode, not to `create' it.

> I was also wondering about that, but dash prints this message
> regardless if the file exists already or not, if permissions are not
> there. Note that creating a new file works fine, removing a file as
> well, only writing to an existing file fails, regardless of shell or
> originating program.

Shot in the dark. Is perchance `noclobber' set? You can test that
with `set -o'

Other than that, I'd resort to strace in my despair, to actually
find out which syscall is returning what at this failure point.

Sorry I have no better ideas...

 - t

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