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Re: Proprietary drivers management

On Ma, 08 dec 20, 09:47:53, Victor Sudakov wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> Hope it's OK to ask an Ubuntu-related question here, after all
> Ubuntu is Debian architecturally, isn't it?

Debian is often used as a base for other Linux distribution because it 
is very easy to customize.

Debian derivative distributions can quite easily change just about 
anything compared to pristine Debian (otherwise it would be a Debian 
Pure Blend), like changing various defaults (from default bash prompt to 
init system), recompiling (with different options or for processors that 
are not supported by Debian) and/or patching packages, to introducing 
packages that Debian doesn't provide at all for various reasons (policy, 
lack of resources, etc.).
> So there is a GUI widget to manage proprietary drivers:
> http://admin.sibptus.ru/~vas/nvidia.jpg

As far as I know, while Ubuntu does import some 80+% of source 
packages[1] unchanged from Debian they diverge a lot especially in the 
graphical user interface area, including (non-free) drivers.

[1] packages must be recompiled for Ubuntu because of the different 
freeze / release cycles.

Kind regards,

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