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Two questions as I prepare for a new install

Hello list

I am currently amassing the hardware for a new PC build as a Christmas 
present to myself, and plan to install Bullseye on it when the hardware 
is all here.

My current system runs Buster and I thought it would be interesting to 
see what's coming.

I have two questions:

1. Does anyone have any advice (or a link to offcial advice) regarding 
whether a new bullseye install is better done with the testing installer 
at this time, or by first installing buster and then upgrading?

2. My new graphics card is a ASUS-branded nVidia GeForce RTX-2060, which 
means I get to move back to the core non-legacy nVidia driver instead of 
the legacy-legacy one I have been forced to use for some years on my old 
system due to the hardware being 11 years old. Yay... EXCEPT I have read 
hints there is a problem with the up-to-date nVidia driver and recent 
kernels. Does that affect Bullseye? Are there caveats or workarounds I 
should be aware of?

Either direct answers or links to places that answer these would be 
appreciated -- I've been a bit out of the loop recently and suspect I've 
missed a few developments.



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