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Re: Newbie

=?euc-kr?b?yLK6tMjx?= <soyeomul@doraji.xyz> writes:
> Hi Arun,
> Yes this is question place.
> Sincerely, Byung-Hee
	It is one of the most helpful groups I know of as
sometimes, there are questions that don't lend themselves to a
search engine string although one can get really lucky if you try
to not use words that easily can mean several things at once.

Occasionally, we dazzle ourselves with our own brilliance,
thinking our search terms should be so concise as to drill right
down through all the Ebay pitches and mercantile flotsam to see
the answer to our question on the first link to pop up only to
find we have asked a question similar to "Can birds fly?"

	When my wife was getting her Master's in library science,
she related a story about a person walking in to a library and
asking that question.

	It turned out that the patron was interested in whether
or not birds could be carried on an airplane and how do you do

	The search engines are as good as we are so if you ask
duckduckgo if birds can fly and also ask Google the same
question, you probably won't get quality answers from either
search but with one of the two, your spam level won't change.
Three guesses as to which engine changes your spam quantity.

	I do amaze myself at how many searches go off the tracks
because there are many ways to interpret the same question and,
when you see what you got, one can usually also see why.  If you
like puns, you may be thinking like a search engine.

	For those not familiar with English, a pun is a play on
words in which one word has many different meanings.  The punster
intends for you to notice the other meaning.

 If you have questions about debian buster or redhat or freebsd, 
it cuts through a lot of jungle if you put the operating system you are asking about as the first
word so that something like 

debian buster end of line character

will instantly weed out how Windows does it as an example.  If it
doesn't completely remove all the irrelevant info, the unwanted
things tend to be near the bottom of your search.


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