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Re: update-alternatives - was [Re: Installing/launching MATE in a command line environment]

On Mon, 29 Jun 2020 at 22:16, Richard Owlett <rowlett@cloud85.net> wrote:

> I'm looking for something that aims to answer "What can
> update-alternatives do for me today?". IOW the manpage gives fine
> details but no sense of perspective.

Have a read of this page [1] about half-way down under the heading:

Actually, read the whole page, it also mentions display managers and
menu systems that you have been asking about recently.

Actually, read the whole chapter [2], it covers X and the graphical
desktop environment.

Actually, read the whole book [3].

Some of it you will already know, but it gives a great overview of
Debian administration. So it's not a specific topic to just bookmark
and forget about, it's worthwhile to actually read the whole thing,
skimming whatever is not relevant to you.

It is easy to read, has a considerable coverage, and is partially
example-based [4], a documentation style that you often request.

[1] https://debian-handbook.info/browse/stable/sect.customizing-graphical-interface.html
[2] https://debian-handbook.info/browse/stable/workstation.html
[3] https://debian-handbook.info/browse/stable/index.html
[4] https://debian-handbook.info/browse/stable/case-study.html

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