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Zoom client for Linux (was: Re: Advice on encrypted filesystem)

On Thursday, June 25, 2020 09:25:06 AM David wrote:
> Hi, are you aware that Zoom has available a Linux-compatible
> desktop client application that runs without a browser?

Thanks, yes, that is one of the ways I tried to join the zoom meeting on my 
Jessie system -- the client says it requires / works with Debian 8.0 (i.e., 
Jessie) but I might also try it on Buster.

I do have a followup question after the aside.

(aside: long story slightly shortened>

I have a zoom client on my Wheezy system, some 3.nn version, but the meeting I 
tried to join said I needed version 5.nn, which apparently cannot be installed 
on Wheezy.

I tried joining the meeting with both the Linux client and Firefox, both gave 
me video but neither gave me sound.

At some point I'll try Chromium (I think zoom has a test meeting that I can 
join to try out)

(/aside: long story slightly shortened>

> It works on Buster, apart from needing to be told which audio
> device to use every time it is run.

Can you give me any clues about how you told it which audio device to use (and 
which you told it to use)?

> Available here:
> https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting

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