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Re: why foxit hasn't been included in buster?


Don't want to start a flamewar here. But there a many Free and Open Source
Software PDF viewers, which can be recommended for different uses.

All of the OpenSource PDF viewers have their dis-/advantanges and none is
the best. If you have to fillout Forms, I've never seen an OpenSource PDF
viewer yet, which is apable. Same for the annotations capability, many of
the free ones lack of the feature.

Btw, if you know a Form capable PDF viewer, which is FOSS, let me know.

On the other side, there are people who never ever used a PDF viewer for
such a case and won't miss it.

So, I think it's a matter of your personal use, which PDF viewer can be
recommended under Debian/Linux and which not.

Even the commercial ones, like FoxIt, PDFStudio, or MasterPdfEditor, come
to your consideration, if you are going beyond "reading".

Best regards,
Klaus Singvogel
GnuPG-Key-ID: 1024R/5068792D  1994-06-27

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