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Re: Looping Shell Scripts and System Load

Martin McCormick wrote on 6/24/20 11:19 AM:

> 	Right now, uptime looks like:
>  11:48:07 up 26 days, 23:10,  7 users,  load average: 16.15, 15.60, 10.65
> 	That's pretty loaded so ideally, one could start the
> looping script and it would fire up processes until things got
> really busy and then not allow any more new procs to start until
> some have stopped so cron and other system utilities don't stop
> running which is what happens when systems get too busy.
> 	Thanks for any constructive suggestions.

My general approach is to use sem to create N-1 parallel jobs, where N is the
number of CPUs on the machine.

Not /exactly/ what you're asking for, but something along those lines would
probably help the situation. At least, it works for me :-)


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