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Re: where to find location info of photo?

On 21/06/2020 03:38, Long Wind wrote:
> actually cell phone shows my address, not GPS
> isn't  there some gui tool for such purpose?
> program in Graphics section

Pretty much any image viewer can show exif information. The question is
how this address is encoded. There are standard ways to encode gps
coordinates, but I'm not sure

Select one picture from your phone. Transfer it to the computer, run
$ exiftool -s image.jpg | grep '<part of the address shown on phone>'

If the address is stored in the photo as part of Exif data, this should
show the field name, which you can then query again using
$ exiftool -<HipotheticalTagName> image.jpg

If the first grep does not find the address, then either it's encoded in
some weird binary format, or not stored in the picture at all. It could
be stored in some other file in the phone, or the phone dynamically gets
an address based on the gps coordinates.

To get GPS coordinates, you can try
$ exiftool -a -s -gps:all image.jpg

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