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Re: Zoom- best practice?

On 6/7/20 8:57 PM, Nicolas George wrote:
We have to acknowledge: there are no Libre Software solutions for

Well, that's about wrap this thread up. Thanks. And I'm glad I did not
proceed with the BBB promise. They've been around since 2007, but we
cannot say of them, an alternative to Zoom, skype, etc. So, what is it;
putting out stuff that only they could really use. Now! that's what I
call a project.

If I were a developer, here's my system for putting stuff online

develop my code

put it on github asking for contributors, not advertising it as a
solution for any problem(s), or for anyone to use

introduce it in forums like these, asking for testers

and when all that is done, build a website and then promise that this
will solve XYZ computing problem/need(s)

to dream up an idea, throw code together and advertise the claim to have
solved a problem when only you and your cat can use it is, well, 'false
advertising.' :)

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