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On the road to a minimalist Debian

I said "a minimalist Debian", NOT "the minimalist Debian" ;}

Circumstances have come together allowing me to do multiple installs.
As I have restricted bandwidth and DVD set are available on flash devices, I recently purchased Debian 10.0 for AMD64.

I've done three installs today.
For maximum consistency, all used only drivers for the particular machine and no "print server" {as I don't have any printers currently}.
The results were:
				  Pkg Count    Disk space
  MATE with standard utilities	    1116        3.73 GB
  CLI  with standard utilities       136        1.01 GB
  CLI  w/o  standard utilities        37         .87 GB

[1] Pkg Count reported by installer
[2] Disk space reported by Gparted Live

As time is available I intend to do a few additional installs.
One will of MATE with only dependencies, not recommended, packages installed.

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