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Re: why !oh why Debian and application list

On 6/7/20 7:52 PM, Peter Ehlert wrote:

On 6/7/20 10:23 AM, Seeds Notoneofmy wrote:
Well, as the subject suggests, I'm a bit fed up with the logic behind
how installed programs are sorted out in the Applications menu.

The need to go hunt down an installed application seems yester century.

I just installed Picard, and it does not show up in Sound and Video,
where logic would suggest it be.
What window manager/desktop suite are you using?
GNOME Metacity

(those developers/maintainers would know why they don't care to accommodate your software)

I had to dial it up from the command line.

I'm willing and ready to be educated on why things are such with Debian.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks for asking. And sorry for not mentioning. Easier to complain, I suppose. But really, it's a basic user experience need, not like trying to set up a server or virtual machine kind of project. :)

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