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Re: KDE run Dolphin as root?

On Sat, Jun 6, 2020, 21:19 Kushal Kumaran <kushal@locationd.net> wrote:
Default User <hunguponcontent@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi, all.
> As an experiment, I just installed Debian 10.4 Stable on a spare drive, and
> installed kde on it.
> I have not tried kde in many years, so am not really familiar with it.
> Perhaps I am overlooking something obvious, but I can not seem to run
> Dolphin or Konqueror as root.
> Searching online, I was astounded to see many references to this problem,
> saying that this is not a bug, but a feature - that kde developers are
> deliberately working to prevent users from using some programs, including
> Dolphin as root, as a "security measure".
> So, can the current version of Dolphin in Debian Stable be run as root
> (without re-compiling, etc)?

Dolphin is just checking the SUDO_USER environment variable.  Just unset
the variable before starting dolphin.  Ref:

I have no idea what the unfixable security vulnerabilities are.

> And, if not, how (and why) would anyone use kde at all?

You might be overestimating the number of people who need to do file
management as root with a graphical tool.  I, for one, use plasma as my
primary desktop environment, but almost all file management activity is
through emacs (with tramp for root stuff), or just a shell.  Until I saw
your post, I had no idea dolphin would refuse to run as root.


First, to Keith:

Yes, I vaguely remember that thread.  I did briefly look through the list archive but could not find it. 

Perhaps there is a search function for the list archive, but I am unaware of it. 

Second, to Kushal:

I did look at the code you referenced. Interesting. But I am not a programmer. 

I did try to under the SUDO_USER environment variable as you suggested.  Maybe I didn't do it correctly, but it did not resolve the problem. Dolphin refuses to run with elevated privileges.  

Anyway, for now, I can use Midnight Commander, either as sudo or as root, to do file management of root folders and files. But it is somewhat "clunky" to do so.

And just to note: I do a lot of management of files and directories requiring root privileges. 

So I guess I just got spoiled, using the nemo file manager in Cinnamon. Just right click the Cinnamon desktop, select "Open as root", then use nemo with temporarily elevated privileges.  Then close nemo, and I am back to the desktop as a regular user again. Easy.

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