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Re: Return a Debian system to a pristine state

On Jo, 04 iun 20, 09:32:48, David Wright wrote:
> On Sun 31 May 2020 at 18:43:46 (+0100), Michael Howard wrote:
> > 
> > Well then it's not pristine, which is what the OP wanted.
> That begs the question of what pristine means, because it has never
> been defined even by the OP. Their closest attempt at a definition
> was the "first boot experience" but, unless you install a system as
> soon as a release is released, you can't return to that configuration
> without downgrading packages. That would make no sense at all,
> especially for someone with a serious concern about scanning for
> vulnerabilities.

I don't recall anyone in the thread asking for exact versions at the 
time of installation, just the same package set.

This would also require exceptions for ABI changes (libfoo1 replaced by 
libfoo2 or linux-image-x.y.z-1-amd64 replaced by 
linux-image-x.y.z-2-amd64). These should be rare on stable + 
stable-security and can be handled with the manual/auto installed 

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