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Re: Zoom- best practice?

On 6/5/20 9:56 AM, der.hans wrote:
Am 05. Jun, 2020 schwätzte Peter Ehlert so:

Family is using Zoom, International.
They will use Zoom, and I need to participate.

I use Debian Mate Stable, and Firefox ESR

I am concerned about security, duh!
Looking for ideas.

my current thoughts, in order of preference:

1. Use a separate Debian alongside my daily driver, and use Only for the Zoom meetings

2. Sandbox? (but how can I do that?)

3. Use a different browser

Does zoom work just in the browser without installing software?
For me, with Firefox, I had to install a package. It seemed to work ok, two party meeting. That was a month ago.

I have to use it in a couple places for work. In my experience, it demands installing software on both debian and Ubuntu. zoom does provide a package
with insufficient depends.

A few days ago was the second time I used it. I could not get sound.  Meeting with 4 connections.

using the Phone for voice connection failed.

From the Zoom website I grabbed the .deb package and installed it on my disposable system. It seemed to work, and I did not have to give an email.
I could not instigate a meeting with that app.
I have not asked another to schedule one for me.

It also demands a package for android.



4. What Me Worry? ... just update and flow with it

Thanks, Peter

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