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Re: Can I run dnsmasq as boot server in my environment

john doe wrote:

> I would rather look there to get it working with your current setup.

looks like dnsmasq is more cooperative - I don't know how to do it with the
current setup :/

>> It seems however dnsmasq does the job
>> with just few lines in the configuration.
>> So I am wondering if I can allocate a range on the dhcp server and handle
>> this range via dnsmasq. Perfect would be to keep the working part without
>> too many modification as I do not want to regression test all the rest.
> I don't think you can have two DHCP server running on the same ports, so
> I would go one way or the other.

yes this is true, but bootp is not the dhcp.

Let me precise the question

dnsmasq would do the bootp stuff and the dhcp server will provide the ips as
usual. I saw one can turn off the bootp in isc-dhcp-server.

Is this possible?

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