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Buster: Display what Firmware is applied

Due to special testing requirements (i.e. helping a Friend), I need to Install a new Buster Partition.  The current, running one required a significant amount of Trial and Error (Lenovo Ideapad 320  -- need I say more?), including non-free packages, before I was able to get Firmware that worked.  Amdgpu, and Wifi come to mind, but I recall having issues with a third piece of Hardware also.

Is there information I can get (via, either a command or a file display) to see what Firmware is actually Applied?  (Google was *not* helpful!)  Both the existing system, and what I want to Install are current levels of Buster.  Different Desktops (since I want to Eyeball Gnome, with Wayland on a Test Partition).  

Thank you in advance!

Kenneth Parker

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