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Re: System unusably slow after Debian upgrade.

Hi there,

Thanks very much for the reply.

On Fri, 28 Feb 2020 Andrei POPESCU wrote:

What Desktop Environment? I believe GNOME is using Wayland by default and needs hardware acceleration. Try something like LXDE instead.

Sorry, I did mean to mention that but I forgot.  It's XFCE, and the
greeter is lightdm.

AFAICT nobody likes GNOME.  The people at the farm were baffled by it.
XFCE seems to offer one of the better compromises between performance,
simplicity and usability on the one hand, and resource consumption on
the other but I'm always eager to hear the experience of others.  I've
never seriously used LXDE.  My own preference is for FVWM, which I've
been using for a couple of decades.  Generally I'll have a remote X
session from my laptop when I'm working on this local Raspberry Pi, so
I can have the performance of the quad core i7 from something with the
weight (and five Watt power consumption) of the Pi.  The Pi is running
Raspbian of course, and its window manager is Fluxbox which I can just
about tolerate if all I do apart from driving remote machines is run a
local copy of Alpine.  One of these days I'll install FVWM on the Pi,
but it does sometimes seem to creak a little when you ask it to do a
lot and at the moment my FVWM desktop has a 4x4 grid of xterms on each
of five virtual desktops.  I need to work on lots of things at once.



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