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Re: System unusably slow after Debian upgrade.

Dan Ritter wrote: 
> Go to /etc/nsswitch.conf
> If these lines look like this
> passwd:         compat systemd
> group:          compat systemd
> shadow:         compat systemd
> remove the systemd references.
> If performance improves immensely immediately after the edit,
> that was the problem.

On re-reading the original complaint, I am nearly convinced that
this is the problem.

A ridiculously decelerated gzip is evidence of one of the

- CPU throttling
- disk errors
- something interfering with the disk reading or writing

The failure mode for systemd providing nsswitch services is a
huge delay of lookup times for every passwd or group entry
which affects every file open. gzip opens a lot of files.

I saw this precise behavior on a couple of upgraded Debian boxes.


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