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Re: All true assertions in a bash find one liner? ...

> We can't really "see what you mean" until you show us.  Why don't you
> just tell us the actual problem?  It can't be THAT embarrassing.

 OK, here it is again. You will see that as part of the output you
will see a bunch of paths (with the actual matches) that someone were
not picked by the -printf statement.

# extensions

# search directory

# search string

_DT=$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S)

_LOG_FL=$(basename "${_SDIR}")"_find_${_DT}.log"
echo "// __ \$_LOG_FL: |${_LOG_FL}|"

find "${_SDIR}" -type f -iregex .*"${_X}" -printf '"%TD
%TT",%Ts,%s,"%P"\n' -exec grep --files-with-matches "${_W}" {} \; >
"${_LOG_FL}" 2>&1

cat "${_LOG_FL}" | grep -e "^${_SDIR}"

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