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Re: Looking for Debian unofficial install for mac with firmware...

> As that text says, the "mac" ISOs do/did not contain anything extra
> but rather lack/lacked of UEFI boot entry points and of any UEFI boot
> software.  Some MAC firmwares are said to take offense from UEFI
> bootable ISOs.  Simply try whether yours is among them.  If any
> mentioning of "Debian" appears, then your machine needs no "mac" ISO.

I suspect that if you use something like `refit`, you can select the
"BIOS" aka "windows" aka "BootCamp" boot option which will should obey
the old MBR-based boot.

So just take a standard Debian install image (on USB or CD or HDD) and
if that fails to work, try it again by booting via refit.


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