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Re: fmtree: line 0: unknown keyword sha256digest

On 1/16/20 11:31 AM, Brian wrote:
On Wed 15 Jan 2020 at 20:55:28 -0800, David Christensen wrote:

On 2020-01-15 12:28, David Christensen wrote:
Do I build from source?  If so, is there a good tutorial?


The only change is the installation step -- apt(8) did not work:

	2020-01-15 13:31:02 root@po /home/dpchrist/build
	# apt install freebsd-buildutils_10.3~svn296373-7_amd64.deb

Shouldn't that be

   apt install ./freebsd-buildutils_10.3~svn296373-7_amd64.deb ?

Have never used apt this way, but in order to install a local package one can dpkg -i $pkgname followed by apt-get install to install all missing deps.

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